The Daily Close

The Daily Close

The most interesting articles over the last 24 hours (curated by AI).

SEC Official Says Binance US Is Operating 'Unregistered Securities Exchange'

The official spoke during a Voyager bankruptcy hearing.

Ripple CEO: SEC’s methods are ‘not a healthy way to regulate an industry’

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently revealed that he expects a decision this year in the lawsuit against the SEC.

Coinbase Acquires One River Digital Asset Management

No amount has been disclosed for the acquisition.

Binance Partners With Law Enforcement Agencies to Launch Joint Anti-Scam Campaign

The move follows a successful pilot run with the Hong Kong Police Force.

EU keeps focus on NFTs in latest anti-money laundering bill draft

New amendments to the European Union's anti-money laundering bill cement NFT platforms as obliged entities.

Regulators Are Bringing the Multichain Era to a Close

The high cost of understanding multiple chain environments means enterprises are likely to stick to what they know, argues Paul Brody, head of blockchain at EY.

Former New Yorker Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For Defrauding Purchasers Of Cryptocurrency-Mining Computers And Miner-Hosting Services

Damian Williams, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that CHET STOJANOVICH, a/k/a “Chester J. Stojanovich,” was sentenced today to three years in prison.  STOJANOVICH was sentenced for defrauding more than a dozen victims of more than $2 million through fraudulent misrepresentations that he would provide his customers with specialized cryptocurrency-mining computers (“Miners”) and Miner-hosting services that would provide the victims with a lucrative stream of “hash power” convertible into cryptocurrency.  Instead, STOJANOVICH misappropriated his victims’ money and failed to provide them with the Miners and Miner-hosting services they had purchased from him.  Stojanovich previously pled guilty on November 29, 2022, to one count of wire fraud and was sentenced today before United States District Judge Denise Cote.

Senators press crypto exchange Binance on potentially illegal business practices after FTX collapse

Senators are pressing Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, for detailed information on its finances and compliance practices.

Macro Futures

Macro broadly is having an ever-increasing impact on crypto prices. Monitor the most important traditional assets and compare their performance to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Futures Contract 24hr Price Change Price
Bitcoin (/BTC) -5.72% $22,240.00
Ethereum (/ETH) -5.59% $1,561.00
Nasdaq (/NQ) +2.18% $12,324.50
S&P 500 (/ES) +1.70% $4,052.50
30 Year US Treasury (/ZB) +1.55% $124.97
10 Year US Treasury (/ZN) +0.58% $111.14
Crude Oil (/CL) +2.16% $79.85
Gold (/GC) +1.21% $1,862.80

Top 20 Largest — 24hr Price Returns

Track how the largest coins performed over the last 24 hours.

Top 20 Largest — Tweet Volume vs. Trading Volume

Monitor which of the largest coins experienced the most unusual social or trading activity over the last 24 hours.

Daily Outliers

Which coins are outliers today that should be further researched for opportunities.

Top and Bottom 5 by Exchange Netflows

Coins experiencing net inflows into exchanges could suggest increased selling pressure. Those with net outflows could suggest investors are looking to hold and not sell.

Top 10 by Relative Active Addresses

These coins have the most active addresses on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche blockchains in the last 24 hours compared to each coin's own average over the last 30 days.

Top 10 by Whale Accumulation

Whales are accumulating these coins the most over the past 24 hours, as a percentage change in total balance compared to the previous day's total whale balance. A whale is an address that has at least 0.1% of the coin's supply on-chain.

The top 7 coins investors are searching for in the last 24 hours.

Coin Price 24hr Price Change Market Cap 24hr Volume
SingularityNET (AGIX) $0.458608 -13.05% $550.7M $220.3M
Optimism (OP) $2.54 -6.75% $544.7M $317.2M
Blur (BLUR) $0.722951 -11.38% $287.3M $166.6M
inSure DeFi (SURE) $0.003346 +29.36% $88.5M $2.3M
Vela Token (VELA) $5.91 -14.09% $41.4M $4.6M
Proton (XPR) $0.001684 +3.77% $24.5M $1.6M
ZigZag (ZZ) $0.365399 +14.46% $11.7M $1.8M

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Hottest NFT Collections

The highest-volume collections today and how their floor prices have changed.

Collection Floor Price 24hr Floor Change 24hr Volume Owners Transactions
MutantApeYachtClub 15.10 ETH -0.98% 803 ETH 11,621 52
BoredApeYachtClub 72.69 ETH -0.27% 583 ETH 5,839 8
Otherdeed 1.79 ETH -1.24% 514 ETH 32,434 69
Azuki 14.80 ETH -0.62% 387 ETH 4,905 16
dotbit: Web3 Identity 0.00 ETH 376 ETH 7,956 279
ENS 0.00 ETH 289 ETH 662,311 408
More Loot 0.01 ETH +47.50% 282 ETH 25,214 40
CloneX 4.59 ETH -5.40% 234 ETH 9,673 44
Emblem Vault V2 0.01 ETH -9.09% 221 ETH 9,451 179
Biden Digital Trading Cards 0.00 ETH -0.61% 153 ETH 1,423 120
BrainDrops 144 ETH 2,460 36
Opepen Edition 0.70 ETH +4.63% 135 ETH 5,218 204
CryptoPunks 129 ETH 3,595 2
Checks 1.84 ETH +1.66% 118 ETH 2,724 66
BoredApeKennelClub 7.90 ETH +4.11% 117 ETH 5,605 16
Whiko NFT 0.06 ETH -7.19% 98 ETH 1,137 9
PudgyPenguins 5.69 ETH -3.41% 98 ETH 4,580 17
PROOF Collective 17.05 ETH -4.76% 97 ETH 927 6
Moonbirds 6.27 ETH -1.88% 89 ETH 6,416 14
Art Blocks 82 ETH 2,993 5