The Daily Close

The Daily Close

The most interesting articles over the last 24 hours (curated automatically).

US SEC Plans to Keep Growing Crypto Unit as Enforcement Ramps Up
The securities regulator has almost filled the 20 slots previously added to its crypto squad and is looking to increase that number even further, a spokesperson said.

Silvergate Stock Plunges as Bank Says It May Face DOJ, Congressional and Bank Regulator Inquiries
Shares fell over 10% in after-hours trading.

DeFi to Go Under Microscope at US CFTC Advisory Group’s Opening Session
The derivative regulators’ Technology Advisory Committee will examine DeFi among other tech priorities at a March 22 meeting.

Polygon launches web3 identification service using zero-knowledge proofs
The team said that its ID solution will be useful for blockchain-related Know Your Customer (KYC) checks without revealing personal data.

LCX Launches LCX Earn
LCX Earn offers fixed yield offerings based on regulatory compliant tokenized bonds, endorsed by the regulator, and passported across the EEA will list Echelon Prime (PRIME)
Earn interest on your idle funds. Principal and return are guaranteed with always over 100% collateral from your counterparties.

Redeem Raises $2.5M to Let Users Receive NFTs Via Phone Numbers
Kenetic Capital led the round ahead of Redeem's second-quarter product launch.

Coinbase CEO Armstrong: We Delisted BUSD Due to Liquidity Concerns
The exchange previously said it made the move because BUSD didn’t meet its listing standards, without going into any detail.

Chainlink launches new developer platform called Functions
Decentralized oracle network Chainlink has launched a new developer platform called Functions, aiming to foster interactions between traditional and web3 apps.

Introducing Chainlink Functions: Connect the World’s APIs to Web3
Chainlink Functions is a serverless developer platform that empowers you to connect smart contracts with any Web2 API and run custom computations in minutes.

Macro Futures

Macro broadly is having an ever-increasing impact on crypto prices. Monitor the most important traditional assets and compare their performance to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Futures Contract 24hr Price Change Price
Bitcoin (/BTC) +1.02% $23,770.00
Ethereum (/ETH) +1.54% $1,676.50
Nasdaq (/NQ) +0.09% $11,972.50
S&P 500 (/ES) +0.09% $3,960.00
30 Year US Treasury (/ZB) 0.00% $124.12
10 Year US Treasury (/ZN) +0.01% $111.02
Crude Oil (/CL) -0.05% $77.65
Gold (/GC) -0.14% $1,842.90

Top 20 Largest — 24hr Price Returns

Track how the largest coins are performing over the last 24 hours.

Top 20 Largest — Tweet Volume vs. Trading Volume

Monitor which of the largest coins are experiencing the most unusual social or trading activity over the last 24 hours.

Daily Outliers

Which coins are outliers today that should be further researched for opportunities.

Top and Bottom 5 by Exchange Netflows

Coins experiencing net inflows into exchanges could suggest increased selling pressure. Those with net outflows could suggest investors are looking to hold and not sell.

Top 10 by Relative Active Addresses

These coins have the most active addresses on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche blockchains in the last 24 hours compared to each coin's own average over the last 30 days.

Top 10 by Whale Accumulation

Whales are accumulating these coins the most over the past 24 hours, as a percentage change in total balance compared to the previous day's total whale balance. A whale is an address that has at least 0.1% of the coin's supply on-chain.

The top 7 coins investors are searching for in the last 24 hours.

Coin Price 24hr Price Change Market Cap 24hr Volume
Optimism (OP) $2.77 +2.43% $593.5M $256.2M
Dejitaru Tsuka (TSUKA) $0.090561 -7.26% $90.7M $1.4M
Ternoa (CAPS) $0.053516 +29.35% $53.8M $7.5M
Vaiot (VAI) $0.164514 +23.93% $36.5M $7.4M
Phantasma (SOUL) $0.245110 +15.98% $26.6M $476.6k
Octopus Network (OCT) $0.214861 -0.26% $14.5M $1.0M
Spool DAO (SPOOL) $0.463777 -8.24% $11.2M $392.7k

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Hottest NFT Collections

The highest-volume collections today and how their floor prices have changed.

Collection Floor Price 24hr Floor Change 24hr Volume Owners Transactions
More Loot 0.00 ETH 700 ETH 25,205 2
BoredApeYachtClub 70.70 ETH -1.12% 673 ETH 5,850 9
Emblem Vault V2 0.01 ETH +33.33% 531 ETH 9,340 318
Otherdeed 1.82 ETH +0.17% 369 ETH 32,439 76
MutantApeYachtClub 15.20 ETH 368 ETH 11,675 24
parallel 0.00 ETH 311 ETH 57,673 841
Whiko NFT 0.06 ETH +9.09% 301 ETH 1,139 33
CryptoPunks 279 ETH 3,594 4
Azuki 14.93 ETH +0.34% 275 ETH 4,942 7
Mr.Rich 0.60 ETH +0.17% 250 ETH 538 64
Art Blocks 191 ETH 36,862 68
Opepen Edition 0.75 ETH +5.93% 186 ETH 5,076 249
PudgyPenguins 6.20 ETH +11.71% 164 ETH 4,532 24
Art Blocks 0.32 ETH -7.43% 142 ETH 3,411 154
BoredApeKennelClub 7.80 ETH -4.76% 142 ETH 5,592 18
Captainz 5.50 ETH -4.33% 129 ETH 4,916 21
BrainDrops 73 ETH 2,477 11
Checks 1.99 ETH +0.96% 65 ETH 2,728 33
PudgyPresent 0.77 ETH -3.09% 53 ETH 2,903 28
NuoChip 0.11 ETH +2.60% 51 ETH 388 11